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by Administrator - Gauteng on 08-01-2015 in Articles

The New Year has arrived and with it comes the decisions for the year ahead and what one would like to accomplish. We took a look at the entrepreneur and SME business person, with a view to identifying possible areas that they may tend to be neglectful of:

  1. Customer Focus:

    Often the SME business owner tends to direct all their focus on running the business and manufacturing or developing their products and services. So this year try and allocate some time engaging more with your customers. Use occasional emails, quarterly newsletters, short online surveys, social media, etc and establish their preferences, problems, customer experience, etc.. Not only will this enhance your relationships with them, but it can also assist in increasing your online exposure.
  2. Managing Stress:

    Everyone in their own business tends to be aware that they spend less time with their family and themselves than they should. Make a decision that time has reached its fastest peak and is now cycling back to a slower pace. Incorporate small strategies that you and the business can cope with; e.g. leave work an hour earlier 2 or 3 times a week, or take an afternoon off. Don't make it a definite, in that every Wednesday you leave work 2 hours earlier, just be flexible and do it where you can. In this way you  don't put additional pressure on yourself.
  3. Goal Setting:

    Set annual goals that are realistic and attainable. Create lists that are shorter and use them as a reference point rather than a rigid structure where possible. The bigger the list the more pressure you have subconsciously placed on your shoulders. Remember, with every small achievable goal accomplished, the bigger goal becomes closer. Life has a way of interrupting rigidity, so learn to flow a little with it and it will become easier to achieve what you set out to do, it just may not be in the exact way you thought it would be.
  4. The Economy:

    Complaining about the economy inadvertently sets you up for more worrying and increased stress levels. Let it be what it must be and focus on you and your business. Open yourself up to new ideas by listening - it is only when we stop talking (especially in our heads) that we can truly hear opportunity's knocks. Find ways to improve your products and services by offering your unique ideas and approaches, as these helped you get started in the first place. Trust yourself again.

We wish you an interesting, informative, inspiring and spectacularly productive and abundant 2015, personally and professionally!


Duke Moche
16-05-2015 09:01
Nice topic.

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