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by Administrator - Gauteng on 03-04-2013 in Articles

Today I came across an interesting concept. A business that I could not believe and quite honestly, I had a little giggle when I saw it.

Being female, I have been approached before by some guy whistling at me and calling me “kitten”.  I can literally just curl up and die.  We have presumed that not only is chivalry dead, but it was kicked in the face, punched in the chest and then strangled. Gone are the days where a man came to collect you on your first date, preferably with a bouquet of flowers.

Until now…

Pick Up Artists South Africa (PUASA) is a boot camp for men who want to learn how to talk to, treat and have confidence when approaching a lady. This clever idea was derived from the famous book ‘The Game’ written in 2005 by Neil Strauss. This course isn’t about ‘coming right’, nor is it about seducing women when ‘out on the town’, its more for men who lack confidence in themselves when picking up women.

According to the males in my office, there is certainly a need for this as it is incredibly difficult to approach a woman (apparently rejection is a very real common fear amongst men). So, this is the perfect course to help a guy learn how to be at ease with himself and when talking to women.

The course is run by two great guys who were trained under the top Pick Up Artists in USA and costs between R3k - R4k.

As a woman, I am surprised that a man needs courses on how to talk to me, but what the heck! If a course is needed to teach men how to treat women, I say bring it on! Interested? Click on the link www.puasa.co.za

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