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by Administrator - Gauteng on 19-12-2014 in Articles

Have you ever tconsidered that the mobile phone was a 'fairly recent' innovation of the standard telephone?

Here are the basic ,ilestones from when it all began.

  • As early as 1908, the US patented a wireless telephone! One wonders how they knew?
  • In 1922, the first recorded experiments were begun by the police in Chicago.
  • Radio was used by the US Army Signal Corps for communication in the 1940’s and science fiction novelist Robert Heinlein wrote a book describing his dream of radio engineering.
  • In 1959, Reginald Blevins used the first radio telephone that would become installed in cars.
  • The milestone came in 1973, where Martin Cooper of Motorola announced and publicised the first mobile phone - DynaTAC.
  • Years later, Martin Cooper developed the first mobile phone for commercial use.
  • In 1979, Japan became the first country to have a commercial mobile phone network.
  • 1981 was one of the most important years in mobile phone evolution when manufacturing was officially sanctioned.
  • After that, the evolution to more advanced models of mobile phones, was inevitable and in 1997 Phillips introduced the first digital smart phone that allowed access to email and the internet.
  • In 2001 3G was launched in Japan as the standard internet connectivity device.

Since then more advanced models have been continuously produced and in 13 years, we have gone from simple smart phones to phones so advanced that they include other electronic devices such as cameras, recorders, televisions, calculators, etc.. We wait in anticipation to see what the next 13 years brings, however the suggestion of telepathic implants may be quite a stretch at this stage.

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